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   Ideal Cylinder Phonograph 1905 Model Phonograph No.3 Romfi # 12663
Item Name: Ideal Cylinder Phonograph 1905 Model Phonograph No.3

Company/Creator/Event: Ideal Phonograph France
Country of Origin: France (incl. Monaco)
Also manufactured in:
Year of Introduction: 1905
Manufactured to:
Original Price: 69 francs
Dimensions : ?
Catalog Detail/Location: magazine advert
ID/Model/Catalog Nr. :
Patent Nr. :
Part of Series ID:
Appearance/Features: Similar to many "Belle Epoque" French phonographs, the mechanical design of this machine was influenced by the Columbia Type B "Eagle." The "Idéal No. 3" is larger and more technically involved than the Eagle - eg a 'precise' speed adjustor, and the heavy oak base and lid are much better crafted. The lid can also be locked onto the base. It was made in Paris in 1905 by "Maison de la Bonne Presse," a religious publishing company whose tiny phonograph venture was dwarfed by competition from Pathé. Originally called "Nouvelle Boite aux Secrets" ('New Box of Secrets') it was renamed the "Idéal No. 3" in 1906.

It has a heavily nickelled keywound open-works motor with a prominent speed indicator, and features a removable mandrel to play the "Inter" or "Salon" cylinders. Conventional records can be played by slipping off the large mandrel to expose the normal sized mandrel. This machine is a very scarce French cylinder phonograph, made in very small quantities.

Variations in construction/
Other Info:
Cometimes found with the horn & reproducer support similar to Graphophone, and sometome as Pathe floating reproducer with the 12" diameter spun aluminum horn supported by a very unusual front-mounted bracket.

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Manufactured Quantity:
Serial Nr. Range: -
Known Existing Objects: 2
Known Serial Nr. Range: 2145 to 2145
Average Price: $276.00
Posted by: 4 *
Posted Date: 08 Aug 2006

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